Xinhuanet Interviewed Youkai's Founder and Director of Technology Jul 23, 2021

Guangdong Youkai Technical: Committed to concentrated and green laundry detergents, promoting environmentally protection and low-carbon lifestyle.

Xinhuanet interviewed Huang Ping, Chairman of Guangdong Youkai Technical, and the company's technology leader, Dr. Zeng Hui, Director of the Joint Research Center of Guangdong New Material Industry Base and Sun Yat-sen University discussing on the topic of how innovation can help to achieve our vision of carbon neutrality and improve the quality of life if our people.

Youkai follows the trend and actively implements the vision of carbon neutrality, with the goal of promoting a sustainable and low-carbon lifestyle, through innovative applications, water-soluble film encapsulation, biological enzymes and bio-based surfactant technologies to help carbon emission reduction, and focusing on the development and production of green and concentrated household cleaning products.

In accordance to the data of our Chinese Detergent Association, concentrated detergents takes up about 99% of the detergent market in Europe and the U.S., and this number in Korea also reached over 66%, but in China is below 5%. The laundry liquid detergent produced by domestic manufacturers, based on national industry standard, the active content is 15%, and the active content of laundry detergent capsules produced by Youkai is above 60%. In other words, the current 4 bottles of laundry detergent can be concentrated into 1 bottle. With packaging materials associated in the process, the energy consumption and storage of the production, the carbon dioxide emissions are estimated to be reduced by more than 6 million tons. At the same time, industrial sewage can also be reduced by more than 5 million tons, plastics are estimated to be reduced by more than 1 million tons. In addition, the use of high-quality detergents can better cleaning and protecting our clothes, which extends the lifespan of our clothes. Therefore, it has a very high economic and social benefits.

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