• Russia Household Expo Autumn 2023 Invitation
    Welcome to visit our booth, our team is waiting for you. Booth No.: 82D206 Moscow, Expocentre, Pav. 8
  • Happy New Year 2023!!!
    We stepped forward to a new year, the bright future and good fortune is waving at us. For this new year, we will continue to work hard, to thrive and do our best! We wish everyone of us a Happy New Year!!!
  • Merry Christmas 2022!!!
    To all our friends and our families, we wish you a Merry Christmas!!!
  • Thanksgiving Day 2022!!!
    Today is Thanksgiving Day, joy and fun, wish fulfillment and blessing, may you have a wonderful thanksgiving!!!
  • Happy National Day 2022!!!
    Beneath the Five-Starred Red Flag we stood, the National Anthem we sang, a bright future with great fortune we shine, for wherever we are, we always remember our root in heart, the direction of our home, we know you are always at our backs, we are proud to be raised in this land. Today, we enjoy harmony and love, and best wishes to all our families and friends, Happy National Day!!!祝大家国庆节快乐!!!祝大家國慶節快樂!!!
  • Happy Mid-Autmn Festival 2022!!!
    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!! We wish you and your families a harmonious and joyful Mid-Autumn Festival!!!
  • Happy Father's Day 2022!!!
    Happy Father's Day 2022!!! Thank you for all the sacrifices you make for our family and all the joy and love you bring into our lives, Happy Father's Day!!!
  • Dragon Boat Festival 2022!!!
    Dragon Boat Festival 2022!!! May I put the best blessing to you, may the disasters in the world fade away, and may friends enjoy good health during the Dragon Boat Festival 2022!!!
  • Happy Children's Day 2022!!!
    Happy Children's Day!!! The joy of childhood is worth remembering all one's life. we wish the children a healthy and beautiful childhood! 
  • We Only Have One Earth
    Today is a special day for planet protection, to protect and sustain our environment. Every single action of ones counts to contribute towards the environment sustainability. We can start from our daily life by water conservation, lowering water usage, let every drop used in its purpose and non-wasted. As our laundry, we could use concentrated detergents. Concentrated laundry liquid, a low foam easy to rinse laundry liquid, helps in water conservation and money saving. A win-win situation of cleaning and sustaining our environment.
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