Perception of Series Laundry Pods Oct 29, 2021

Perception of Seasons Series adopt blend enzymes. Seven types of enzymes targeting specific stains:

The active content of our laundry pods is greater than 60%, it is 4 times comparing to the industry standard. As the standard laundry liquid’s active content of the industry is only 15%. The stain removal of protein type of stains is equivalent to 8 times the cleaning power of the regular laundry liquid.

The Perception of Seasons Series contains bacteria & mites removal function, with 99.9% removal rate of common bacteria and mites, protect our families efficiently.

The Perception of Seasons Series adopted large amount of natural lipase (Natural soap), natural enzymes, DTI dye transfer inhibitor, 301 softener, isomerized alcohol surfactant and other high-quality raw materials, the product has the functions of strong cleaning power, low foam easy to rinse soft color protection and other functions.

Blend Enzyme Laundry Detergent Pods

The Perception of Seasons Series used fragrances from top international fragrance companies.

Youkai Technical adopt strictly high-quality standard for R&D, quality control and production process. At the same time, great care is taken in the selection of each raw material - whether it is a water-soluble film or a fragrance, a surfactant or an auxiliary.

Concentrated, green, high-quality detergents extend the lifespan of your clothes and make your clothes look like new every day. The price of high-quality detergent may be higher, but it can wash the clothes more cleanly and care for them better, the breathability of the clothes is better, and the health of the family is better guaranteed. What's more, using high-quality detergents can also reduce environmental pollution, why not?

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