Is it better to use Washing Powder or Laundry Capsules? Mar 02, 2023

Is it better to use Washing Powder or Laundry Capsules?

Using which type of laundry detergent really depends on your individual preferences and needs. Washing powder is typically cheaper, while laundry capsules offer a more convenient solution with less mess.

Some washing powders are known for their powerful cleaning abilities, while others are better for sensitive skin, so it's important to consider other factors when making a decision.

China laundry detergent capsule

5 Advantaged of Laundry Capsules:

1. Laundry capsules are more convenient to use than powder, as they are pre-measured and ready to use.

2. Laundry capsules are less messy than powder and save time in scooping and measuring the powder.

3. Laundry capsules contain more concentrated formulas that make them more effective in removing tough stains than powder.

4. Laundry capsules are often more cost effective than powder.

5. Laundry capsules are easier to store than bulky powder containers.

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